Ziwei and your travel opportunity

In the ancient past, the common modes of transport were typically limited to walking or traveling on a horse — if one lived in a high society or one’s job entitled him that luxury. Perhaps, this was one of the reasons why the “horse” word finds its way into the Ziwei terminology, to mark the significance of that travel means for that subject matter in the ZWDS chart.

In Ziwei Sihua Flying Stars, “travel” is not just strictly about someone’s movement. It should also include mobility, someone or some matter that involves abroad, long distance related, departure, relocation etc

Universally, in anyone’s Zi Wei Dou Shu chart, there are four specifically designated boxes that are meant to represent this. They are called “Four-Horse Corners (四马之地)”. The positions of these 4 boxes are fixed and permanent for everyone’s Ziwei chart. They sit on the box Yin, Si, Shen and Hai (寅巳申亥). 

Four-horse corners (四马之地)

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By now, if you have already read other articles in our Sihua blog, you should be able to appreciate the function of Local Sihua, that is to activate the interpretation for an event. In this case the event that we are interested here is about “travel” or “travel related matter”.

Local SihuaSymbol on the chart
Self Hua Lu (自化祿)Self Hua Lu
Self Hua Quan (自化权)Self Hua Quan
 Inherited Hua Lu (生年化祿)Shen Nian Hua Lu
Inherited Hua Quan (生年化权)Shen Nian Hua Quan

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Once you have a Four-horse corner activated with any of the Local Sihua, your “travel” has now become an impression (象) or event (数) (Refer: 자미두수 블로그: 상(象)과 사건(数) [Impression and Event]). Next is to find out what “subject matter” that involves this impression or event (i.e travel).

Finding a subject matter is pretty straightforward. For a simple reading at the impression level, the subject matter for the following chart example will be the “Property (田宅宫)”. To sum that all up, this owner will always move house very frequently in his entire lifetime.

But of course, this is a simplified version of decoding a chart for a beginner. To get a super accurate reading, you will need to understand the strict conditions when and where a technique can apply or cannot. In our class teaching, you will learn the importance of adhering to the step-by-step approach, in each of the impression (象) and event (数) decoding. This will transform your decoding approach, from a “carpet bombing” style to a sharp “sniper shooter” kill — one bullet one hit accuracy.

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