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Zi Wei Dou Shu Online Consultation Services

Sihua 18 Flying Stars

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Standing at a crossroad in life, feeling uncertain about which direction to take? Or perhaps you're facing a tangle of challenges in your career, relationships, finances, relocation, studies, business partnerships, or colleagues?

Whatever your worries may be, it's common to experience anxieties and fears when facing life's complex choices.

Zi Wei Dou Shu, with its thousand-year legacy, has been serving as a trusted destiny compass to help individuals gain access into their near and remote future. It illuminates your future life's twists and turns, providing you with a sense of clarity and direction.

Discover which one of our Zi Wei Dou Shu services suits your unique situation best. Take the first step now and let us assist you in shedding light on your unique situation.

SD Destiny

USD 168

Scope of analysis

  • Recommended for all new customer (Popular choice)
  • Complete reading for your whole life's destiny

Consultation duration

  • Online consultation: 1 hour x 1 session

Typically includes

  • Whole life analysis that typically includes career, studies, wealth, romance, abroad, business, your connection with everyone around you etc etc
  • Identify the challenges/opportunities you may face in life and trace it to the source, decade or year
  • Uncover any potential threat that may hinder your progress in life
  • Connect you to any available personal assistance that can mitigate challenge or can help you propel your success further
  • Help you steer your primary focus in life, break them down into decades and help you realign your priority, especially when you are caught in a decision crossroad
  • Will do a quick rundown on the yearly destiny for current or next year
  • Any questions are encouraged if time permits
  • Help you to confirm/validate the birth hour given by you, for correctness, upon request

SD Decade

USD 160

Scope of analysis

  • Recommended for our repeat customer
  • Primary events within your current decade or next decade, if your current decade is ending in 3 years or less. Every decade starts and ends at different years for each individual

Consultation duration

  • Online consultation: 30 mins x 1 session

Typically includes

  • Destiny analysis for the abovementioned decade
  • Track forward your current undertaking (e.g. career, studies, romance, partnership, business decision or investment abroad, etc) to find out if it will continue to progress into the next destiny decade
  • Analyse your priority focus for the current destiny decade
  • Realign and recalibrate your resources to help you manage your priority effectively in the decade. Suggest deferment if next destiny decade is more favourable for your priority pursuit. Will also advise a good exit strategy management based on your surrounding connections in the decade
  • Help you to manage your decade threat/opportunity and help connect you to assistance, if any available to you

SD Event

USD 160

Scope of analysis

  • Recommended for our repeat customer
  • Select one topic of your interest for the whole life's destiny analysis

Consultation duration

  • Online consultation: 30 mins x 1 session

Typically includes

  • Typical topic choices (Select any ONE topic): Wealth, career progress, career decision, studies, investment, spouse, children, migration, business Partnership, business competition, love relationship etc
  • To what extent your selected topic will affect you in your life?
  • When is the best decade to maximise the potential of the topic you selected?
  • Would your selected topic face challenges, would you get assistance to mitigate and when is the best time to launch it?

SD Yearly

USD 128

Scope of analysis

  • Recommended for our repeat customer
  • All events for the year of Wood Dragon [甲辰年] (i.e Feb 2024-Jan 2025)

Consultation duration

  • Online consultation: 30 mins x 1 session

Typically includes

  • Zoomed in analysis for the specific destiny year of Wood Dragon
  • What would the progress be for your career, studies, wealth, relationship with colleagues, abroad opportunity, romance etc for this Wood Dragon year?
  • What major highlight of events in the Wood Dragon year?
  • Any opportunity or harm that may benefit/cripple you in this Wood Dragon year
  • Will call out the highlights with a monthly analysis (more zoomed in) for the Wood Dragon destiny year
  • Any other topic, concern, opportunity, threat you will want to find out for this Wood Dragon destiny year
  • This package is particularly beneficial for our repeat customer, to get a detailed run through for the Wood Dragon destiny year, when more surrounding variables are becoming available (e.g. new home; new work environment; new boss; expectant parents; new partner etc)
Your words, our inspiration...
Customer Review
lim Chin Ju (Google Review)

Scientific analysis our future. It change my life

Dt, Malaysia

It has been a while and thanks once again to your analysis and predictions,some of it did turned out to be reality (quite a significant one actually)...

nikey ernest (Google Review)

I\'ve been consulting Master Woo for the past 3 years and through his consultation and advice, I am able to understand and make sound decisions to improve my future. I\'ve engaged others but they do not posses the knowledge and dept as shown by Master Woo with regards to Zi Wei Dou Shu and he is able to link mycharts with my family members to provide a comprehensive and yet accurate predictions. I\'ve been very lucky to have found him and I will continue to use his service as long as I can.

Agnieszka Suovka (Google Review)

Master Woo stresses on making sure the correct birth hour is being used. I have consulted many other masters before and Master Woo is different. He purely applies Zi Wei Dou Shu and does not use superstitions. His explanation is logical, he goes through layer by layer and is very accurate.

DH, Singapore

THank you Master Woo for the analysis in my current 10 yrs branch of my life. Your analysis is very accurate so far in regards to what has transpire over the past 8-9 yrs. Now im nearing the end of the 10 yrs branch, I hope that with your analysis, i can be more mentally ready for the upcoming challenges and reap the coming fruits of labor from the previous 10yrs branch

LJQ, Malaysia

The consultant answer my questions well and give me some advices too" – LJQ, Malaysia

HM, Philippines

cost effective, knows what he is saying, good advise given, i feel it\'s quite reliable and accurate

WM, Indonesia

answering several critical questions


I like that some events are very specific and appreciate that Master Woo can explain the reasoning behind his predictions. I also like that he wanted to be sure that he\'s looking at the "right" chart by asking questions related to my life. That definitely gives me a greater sense of confidence in his prediction.

CL, Malaysia

Master is willing to spend his precious time to answer my enormous questions

WCG, Malaysia

Always looking for a "edge" in life, as well as efficient and effection life solutions

BS, China

Straight forward and comprehensible explanations from the Consultant


The consultation was thorough and well covered, and advices given were good and helpful.

JK, Malaysia

The past predictions have been accurate and convincing, looking forward to face the future predictions with confidence. Thank you for the analysis and consultation.

CY, Singapore

Easy to understand and clear advise from consultant

Ong Sueling (Google Review)

The consultant is very committed to answering all my destiny questions. Some of the matters he predicted have just already happened recently. "Highly recommended

Best Eastern (Google Review)

Very accurate and professional to read my future through my birth to give him. He is the best ziwei master and consultant To give advice for my future life.

JOEY OOI (Google Review)

证明了还是飞星紫微能解答了我的迷惑。感恩Master Woo

Kahuna Park (Google Review)

Wonderful teaching and great consultation!!!! Everybody should try.

Danny Ooi (Google Review)

现在我对我的未来有了新的规划及希望。谢谢Master Woo, "超准”的。

Zheng Tan (Source: Google Review)

Excellent service. Accurate reading

KIEN MIN NGUI (Google Review)

今天下午我与Master Woo通话后了解风水是很深奥的。还好得到Master Woo细心和耐心的讲解让我明白很多。 Master Woo一步一步的讲解和一样一样的解释都很详细,而且还问我明白吗。如不明白,还给例子让我能清楚地明白。 多谢Master Woo的解释与指引👍👍

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Explore the capabilities of Zi Wei Dou Shu in shaping your life:

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At Ziwei Asia™, most of our ZWDS consultants are also trainers who have educated numerous ZWDS enthusiasts from around the world. At the core of authentic ZWDS practice, we firmly believe that it should be:

Our mission is simple. We strive to provide you with the highest quality destiny reading. We niche our market and spend very little budge on it, resulting in minimal overhead costs passed on to you in our product prices. Your destiny is as important to you as it is to us. Therefore, we are committed to offering you as many life answers and solutions as possible during the consultation. We take pride in our high customer retention and referral rates from satisfied friends.

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By using our Zi Wei interpretation page in combination with our free Sihua 18 Flying Stars charts, you can tap into the wealth of knowledge contained within this invaluable one-thousand-year-old legacy.

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