What can Zi Wei Dou Shu really tell you?

Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) has been serving as a destiny navigator for over a thousand years.

The question is, what can Zi Wei Dou Shu really tell us?

Not only is this question important for anyone who frequently consults this destiny compass, but also for practitioners who provide destiny advice commercially. Having a good answer to this question will help one frame a correct perspective about what ZWDS can and cannot do.

As part of the Five Arts of Chinese metaphysics (refer to Chinese Five Arts and Zi Wei Dou Shu), we have certainly heard enough about what ZWDS is capable of in providing insights into someone’s wealth status, career progression, health matters*, romantic encounters, and more. However, strangely enough, this raises more questions than it provides answers on whether ZWDS is a reliable future “prediction” tool (Read: Is Zi Wei Dou Shu a good prediction tool?).

Most people, including the vast majority of serious destiny enthusiasts, commonly associate “destiny” with “luck.” For instance, if someone lives in a high-flyer society, their wealth luck brings them status; if someone experiences rapid career progression, their new wife brings them career luck; if someone experiences marriage challenges this year, their marriage luck change affects their marriage.

This dogma inevitably leads us to believe that “luck” is a “variable” that perpetually changes, and it is the driving force that controls our lives. It is as though if you can control your “luck,” you can control your destiny.

Of course, this is further complicated by the belief that only “selected” or “learned” persons will be able to change your luck and destiny. This instills fear in people and leads them to resort to expensive remedies, such as feng shui objects, auspicious numbers, ward-off evil plants, decoration, divine formulas and methods, name changing, etc.

In hard and cold-blooded truth, what ZWDS can really tell you is simplified into one word: CONNECTION (缘).

There is a reason why things happen. And that the reason is CONNECTION or lack thereof

Over the years of teaching Zi Wei Dou Shu, I have shared a large number of destiny examples – most of them are actually our students’ personal encounters – on how a connection gives birth to an event, and on the other hand, how a weak connection breaks a togetherness apart. When it breaks apart, an event will cease to happen.

All events are essentially boiled down to this very simple and straightforward concept. You only need to understand this very concept, and then you will gradually visualize all the mysterious lucks that surround you.

If you are interested in pursuing Zi Wei Dou Shu study, you are technically supposed to understand –> learn –> apply the Zi Wei Dou Shu techniques based on this concept. Nevertheless, quite often, your outside learning will start with tons of ZWDS techniques to memorize and end with little or no practical application of the techniques. The next thing you know, you are caught in a conundrum where you are drowning in all kinds of Zi Wei Dou Shu techniques, yet starving to find the answers to the very basic questions, such as “why things happen” or “how things happen.” This confusion void is usually where you are taught to fill it with the use of baffling unrelated remedies, such as the use of objects (e.g. figurines, amulets, etc.).

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* Warning: Health matters (both psychological and physiological) are best consulted with the medical professionals. ZWDS reading is too superficial to tell you anything about health matters and must not be used.

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