Triangle Love

Lost. Sad. Depressed. “But I do not know what is the truth?” Is he worth the time that you invest? Is he being honest in the relationship?

As Warren Buffett said, “honesty is a very expensive gift, do not expect it from cheap people”. Girls, let’s face it. You want to know the answer. Life is full of uncertainties but at least you need to know one thing. Do you really know the guy who is in front of you right now?

Let’s open his chart and see whether he is an honest guy. Look at his Self, Mental and Health cells.

If you see Ju Men [巨門] in these 3 cells, he / she is quite a sneaky guy / girl. He / She might be keeping things in the dark including you. If the Tai Yin [太陰 ] appears activated for romance (if you are a guy looking at girlfriend’s chart, it would be Tai Yang [太陽]), there is indication that he / she is popular with the opposite sex and easily attracts the opposite sex.

If the Tan Lang [貪狼] or Lian Zhen [廉貞] is activated in certain romance cells, there is a possibility that he / she is a romantic type of person and someone with strong desire, perhaps? I used the words like “indication” and “possibility” as we need to take into account of Flying Si Hua. The above meaning could be totally opposite depending on the Si Hua.


(Plot your Zi Wei Chart here)

The above chart shows that this person has strong triangle love relationship in his life [Property flies Lu to Spouse] and his partner is always ever changing [Spouse fly ji to Health which results in a Lu-Ji battling combination especially it happens on a Four Horse Corner]. He also has lots of non-stop romance chances in his life [Friend fly lu to Spouse]. Children, Property, Abroad and Career are the cells you need to look at to find triangle love relationship.

Invest in someone you know who is worth your time. The hardest part is not the courage to love, it is the moment that someone special who treats you as nobody today.

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