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Nov 122016

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In ancient time, the common modes of road transport were limited to walking or traveling on horses. Perhaps this explains how the Horse find its way into Ziwei terminology.

In a Ziwei Chart, there are four designated boxes used to analogize a mobility. They are called Four Horse Corners (四马之地). These four boxes are sitting on box Yin, Si, Shen and Hai (寅巳申亥). Today, we will explore how this Four Horse Corners helps you find your travel opportunity. 

Four Horses Corner 

 (Plot your Zi Wei Chart here)

In particular, listed below are some of the indicators that can help you reach a quick inference almost instantly. These Local Sihua are essentially important to activate an interpretation. Without which, that Cell will be considered as dormant and the mobility interpretation will not materialize.

  • Self Hua Lu (自化祿) Self Hua Lu (自化祿)
  • Self Hua Quan (自化权) Self Hua Quan (自化权)
  • Inherited Hua Lu (生年化祿)  Inherited Hua Lu (生年化祿) 
  • Inherited Hua Quan (生年化权) Inherited Hua Quan (生年化权)

(Refer: Ziwei Chart Interpretation for more explanation).

Generally, any activated cell that sits on any of the Four Horse Corners will mean mobility as far as that cell is concerned.

As with any other Ziwei interpretations, judging on prima facie value alone will most times render inaccurate interpretation. Mobility alone, it can further be zoomed in to breakdown into scenario that is possibly more relevant to the Chart owner at different time or in different circumstances.

  1. Frequent movements / repetitive travels
  2. Location change
  3. Migration / Departure / Demise

In an array of interpretation breadth like above, one has to be cautious in employing the correct meaning to suit the prevailing circumstance. Commonly, frequent movement is used to describe short time span activities that happen such as within a day/week dimension. Others will include activities that require longer interval in a cycle or will only happen once in a lifetime that requires life adjustment such as migration. Of course, there is no hardcoded rule to define their classification. Only with proper Ziwei training one can gradually learn to deduce them with confidence.

Despite having identified a cell that meets all the above criteria, a Ziwei practitioner however, usually chooses to give more focus on the Primary than the Secondary cells. Simply, Primary cells are cells that closely define the Chart owner himself/herself and therefore gets more interpretation priority.

Primary cells (Own cells: 我宫): Self, Wealth, Career, Health, Property
Secondary cells (Outer cells: 他宫): Siblings, Spouse, Children, Abroad, Friends, Mental, Parents

 Zi Wei Travel


Cells activated: Property (Primary) and Abroad (Secondary)

Fact: The Client did move house in 2013. Year 2016 will be an active travel year for her too on top of many other readings that require other Sihua techniques.  

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