Zi Wei Reading for the Year of Bing Shen (Year 2016)

As we approach the end of the Chinese lunar year, it is customary for those who celebrate Chinese New Year to request a destiny reading. This prepares them to anticipate unforeseeable challenges and seize hidden opportunities in the coming new year. The upcoming lunar year is known as the Bing Shen year (丙申年) or the Fire Monkey year.

The yearly Zi Wei Dou Shu reading is especially important for those who have already had an overview destiny reading. With new environmental variables, one can hope to gain more specific and detailed insights compared to the earlier reading. Examples of new environmental variables include recent relocation overseas, job changes, incoming managers, starting a new family, or the introduction of a new policy that may affect one’s life. Without these environmental variables earlier, your reading might have sounded fuzzy, as you were projecting yourself without the presence of this new information.

One of the easiest approaches to reading a yearly event on your Ziwei chart is to locate the year box. To do this, find where the Shen box (申宫) is, as the name of the box always represents the year in question. For example, the Shen (申) box represents the Bing Shen (丙申) year, while the Wei box (未宫) represents the Yi Wei (乙未) year. To confirm further, check if the YSelf (流年命) is sitting in the Shen box or any other box, depending on the year you are checking. If YSelf is not sitting in the box you are checking, you are likely looking at the wrong time dimension. You should adjust the year until YSelf goes into the Shen box.

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Chart 1: Where is the Shen Box?

In the example chart above, the Shen box coincidentally sits on one of the Four-Horse corners (Read more about Four horse corner: Ziwei and your travel opportunity). With the Local Sihua activated at the same time, this triggers the implication of “mobility” for the subject matter, which is the Wealth (财帛宫). Taken together, this simply tells us that the owner is likely to acquire more wealth related to mobility or from overseas in the year 2016.

Reading an event with the Zi Wei Sihua Flying Stars (四化飞星) method is straightforward and easy. As long as you observe the underlying conditions for interpretation, you should be able to pinpoint almost every event (数) with high accuracy. In our teaching, you will learn a step-by-step decoding approach throughout the classes. This approach ensures that your decoding techniques stay within the guided framework and do not rely on random facts or intuitive feelings.

Some of you may wonder and start to ask: since the Bing Shen year is the same for everyone universally, doesn’t that mean everyone will be actively moving around in 2016?

The answer is both true and false. As explained in this article, not all mobility results in movement. In the example above, when Self Hua Lu (自化祿) activates the mobility, instead of discussing it as “travelling,” it actually relates the wealth to “long distance” as an event for the Bing Shen year.

Below, we present more cases to show you how the Bing Shen year will affect everyone differently.

Chart 2: The unfortunate passing of her husband in 2010

Chart 3: Year 1998 was an active travel year for work at abroad

Bing Shen Chart 5

Chart 4: The owner moved into a new and bigger house in 2013

Bing Shen Year Chart 6

Above examples are real cases of the real people. They are the cases taken from our customers or students.

On behalf of Ziwei Asia and Institute of Ziwei International family, I wish you a new lunar year filled with prosperity, joy and contentment. Gong Xi Fa Chai

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