Should we adjust our birth hour for Ziwei Chart plotting?

This is a very common question among enthusiasts in Chinese metaphysics.

The plotting of a Zi Wei Chart, as most people know, requires a very high degree of accuracy. Any incorrectness in birth information used such as the date of birth, gender or time of birth will result in a completely different Chart that may not even be yours. As a result, the whole destiny you are now looking at may be a destiny of someone else’s.

But why such a fuss that gets everyone disputing about which time of birth to use? For every lucky millennial Gen Y, it is even harder for them to appreciate this convincingly. For them, the time of birth has always been a record on their birth documents. Or, they can just simply seek it through the mouths of their parents who are also younger generation that were privileged to memorize it.

However, the answer does not actually lie on whether you have it or you do not. It is actually about the gap between the time recorded on the birth document vs the True Solar Time.

According to Wikipedia, True Solar Time is based on the apparent motion of the actual Sun. It further adds in that this can be measured by using a sundial. With the convenience of internet today, it is absolutely not difficult to google for some scientific calculations that can help convert your local time at where you are now, into a solar time.


When Zi Wei Dou Shu was founded some thousand years ago, it was only the sundial that existed in determining time. Bear in mind, this does not suggest a refusal to accept the technology evolution. Simply, the Zi Wei Dou Shu was invented around parameters where solar time was its primary input.

For a variety of reasons, the time we see on the wall clock today can be very different from the True Solar Time. That include daylight saving adjustment, government policy, wartime reason or even human mistake. This is the time which was used in the birth document.

Adding to this confusion, ironically, there are also some customers who are adamant and prefer the birth document time despite the risk of reading a destiny of a stranger’s.

For Zi Wei Sihua Flying Stars (四化飞星), it has an advantage of focusing on Events (数) as opposed to Impressions (象). This advantage allows Flying Stars to relate your past events to specific times when they took place. With this, the Flying Stars practitioner can find out which Chart is really yours. This is also the very reason why Flying Stars stays neutral in the debate between the choices of True Solar Time or time on the birth document.

Remember these principles:

  • There is only one Chart that is really yours
  • Incorrect birth hour means an incorrect Chart
  • Incorrect Chart means you are reading a complete different destiny (of someone else’s)

If these principles are not entirely upheld, why then bother to read your future when it can not even vouch for your past.

Check out this interesting article for more reading about how a country’s policy can influence the time you see on the wall clock: BBC News

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