Do clashes (相冲) really exist in ZWDS?

The concept of a clash (相冲) has been given a negative reputation, often associated with bad luck, harm, threat or jinx to the subject.

In Asian culture, a clash generally implies “conflict” and is believed to lead to an inauspicious outcome for those involved in the equation. Over time, this definition has expanded to include not only humans but also animals, plants, colors, and objects. For example, if conflicting crystals are placed together, it can generate a negative energy for the owner.

One of the oldest clash systems still widely used today is the Chinese zodiac sign clash (生肖). It is believed that certain pairs of zodiac signs are predetermined to clash.

Chinese Zodiac Clash生肖相冲
Rat <–> Horse子午冲
Ox <–> Sheep丑未冲
Tiger <–> Monkey寅申冲
Rabbit <–> Rooster卯酉冲
Dragon <–> Dog辰戌冲
Snake <–> Pig巳亥冲

For instance, if someone born in the year of the Rooster marries someone born in the year of the Rabbit, their marriage is believed to be doomed. This clash belief has introduced taboos into some cultures, forbidding clashing pairs from being together. However, it is uncertain whether this has caused any significant cultural upheaval.

Fortunately, Zi Wei Dou Shu Sihua Flying Stars (紫微斗数–四化飞星) does not subscribe to this notion. Firstly, we do not believe that a clash implies harm or jinx. Secondly, we recognize that the clash concept cannot be airbrushed generically to everyone and disregarding individual’s “connection“.

Nevertheless, the clash concept is still essential in our Sihua Flying Stars learning. At the impression (象) level, a clash signifies a weak connection. For instance, if your spouse clashes with you in your Zi Wei Dou Shu chart, it simply implies that you and your spouse have a weak affinity and are unlikely to be together. This does not suggest that either of you intends to harm or jinx the other.

There is a reason why things happen. And that reason is CONNECTION or lack thereof

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