The Trainers/Consultants

Jimmy Woo


A Ziwei consultant, trainer and speaker, Woo has developed deep interest in human sociology since his teens. In his mid-40s now, he has researched into Bazi (Four Pillars 八字), face reading (面相) and Zi Wei Dou Shu for more than a decade. Popularly known in the world domain, he has taught students on Zi Wei Flying Stars (紫微四化飞星) and Ziwei Feng Shui (紫微风水) spanning all continents and inspiringly, many are now Ziwei masters themselves.

Founded Ziwei Asia International (胡说四化) and co-founded Institute of Ziwei International (世界紫微研究院), Woo is an ingenious business consultant, marketing strategist serving small-medium to large businesses, and has been a corporate regional head in international multi-billion dollar giants for over 20 years.

Woo is graduated with a Masters and a few other international degrees. He is also a professional Chartered Accountant licensed in several countries.

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Jay Kim


자미두수 컨설턴트, 마스터 제이는 인간의 운명을 알아내는데 매우 열정적이며 마침내 한국에서 비성사화로 운명을 해석하고 개운법에서 최고의 레벨이 되었다

마스터 제이는 수년간 NLP, 최면치유 과정을 공부하였고, 인도에서 오쇼젠 타로를 배워 12년째 타로를 가르치고 있다 그는 한국의 LG회사에서 22년간 IT consulting 업무 및 교육을 진행하고있다

마스터 제이의 컨설턴트는 내담자의 장점 및 단점을 분석한 후 최적의 해결책을 제시한다

그의 자격증 중 일부:

  • Master Practitioner of Institute of Ziwei Asia International
  • Certified NLP Coach
  • Certified Ericsonian Hypnotist Practitioner
  • Certified Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotist of Omni Hypnosis Training Center
  • Certified Hypnotist of National Borad of Hypnosis
  • Past Life and Spirit Releasement Therapy

그에게 연락하십시오: Email

Gabriel Tan


A visiting Consultant, Tan is, and has been with Ziwei Asia since 2013.

He is a father of two. Besides his passion in Zi Wei Dou Shu and Zi Wei Feng Shui (紫微风水), Tan spends any spare time he has on outdoor adventures.

He was a former student of Institute of Ziwei International (世界紫微研究院).

Contact him at: Email

Tim Hendy


Based in South Australia, Hendy joined us in early 2015. Despite his new found interest in Chinese metaphysics studies, his inquisitiveness and ever-burning passion has made him a remarkable quick learner.

He is known for his friendly approach and has never shied away from extra questions from Clients.

He is a proud Master Practitioner graduated recently from Institute of Ziwei International (世界紫微研究院).

Contact him at: Email

The Companies Group

Ziwei Asia

Growing at a very fast pace, the companies have been increasing its dominance in the world stage of Zi Wei Dou Shu. It all started in year 2010 and underwent a name change a few years later to Ziwei Asia International.

Due to increasing demand in the market, the original company has also spun off to cater for expertises in consultancy and education businesses under the names of Ziwei Worldwide Consultancy and Institute of Ziwei International respectively, whilst still operating on a small scale to give a more personal, focused and positive experience for our students and customers. .

To date, the Group has brought together thousands of students and customers from all corners of the world to connect with this thousand year old Chinese legacy, Zi Wei Dou Shu Sihua Flying Stars (紫微斗数四化飞星).

The mission of the Group has always been simple. The Group strives to educate and provide consultation services based on authentic Zi Wei Dou Shu principles.

Find out why Ziwei Asia enjoys high customer recommendation and high customer repetition rate here: Why Ziwei Asia?

Our students/customers footprint:

Ziwei Asia Customer/Students Footprint

Zi Wei Advice

Zi Wei Consultations

You work really hard to achieve what you aspire to. But does your destiny support your goal you imagine it to be? With very high customer recommendation and customer repetition rates, we pride ourselves in our Ziwei reading that can uncover your future mysteries in this private, highly confidential online consultation

Zi Wei Online Lessons

Ziwei Lessons

Learning it as a hobby or to work as a practitioner ultimately, this Zi Wei Flying Stars course (紫微四化飞星课程) is designed for a beginner like you. It's an online, private 1x1 course where many students around the world have benefited from it. You will never regret acquiring an extra lifetime knowledge. If there is only one knowledge you need to learn in your lifetime, let this be the one

Uncover your future ... ...
with a thousand-year old Zi Wei Chart

Digitized today...
Founded in the distant past

Zi Wei Astrology Chart

Customers' / Students' Review

  • "It has been a while and thanks once again to your analysis and predictions,some of it did turned out to be reality (quite a significant one actually)..." – Dt, Malaysia
  • "THank you Master Woo for the analysis in my current 10 yrs branch of my life. Your analysis is very accurate so far in regards to what has transpire over the past 8-9 yrs. Now im nearing the end of the 10 yrs branch, I hope that with your analysis, i can be more mentally ready for the upcoming challenges and reap the coming fruits of labor from the previous 10yrs branch" – DH, Singapore
  • "The consultant answer my questions well and give me some advices too" – LJQ, Malaysia
  • "cost effective, knows what he is saying, good advise given, i feel it's quite reliable and accurate" – HM, Philippines
  • "answering several critical questions" – WM, Indonesia
  • "I like that some events are very specific and appreciate that Master Woo can explain the reasoning behind his predictions. I also like that he wanted to be sure that he's looking at the "right" chart by asking questions related to my life. That definitely gives me a greater sense of confidence in his prediction." – SC, USA
  • "Master is willing to spend his precious time to answer my enormous questions" – CL, Malaysia
  • "Always looking for a "edge" in life, as well as efficient and effection life solutions" – WCG, Malaysia
  • "Straight forward and comprehensible explanations from the Consultant" – BS, China
  • "The consultation was thorough and well covered, and advices given were good and helpful." – VNG, UK
  • "The past predictions have been accurate and convincing, looking forward to face the future predictions with confidence. Thank you for the analysis and consultation." – JK, Malaysia
  • "Easy to understand and clear advise from consultant" – CY, Singapore
  • "I've been consulting Master Woo for the past 3 years and through his consultation and advice, I am able to understand and make sound decisions to improve my future. I've engaged others but they do not posses the knowledge and dept as shown by Master Woo with regards to Zi Wei Dou Shu and he is able to link mycharts with my family members to provide a comprehensive and yet accurate predictions. I've been very lucky to have found him and I will continue to use his service as long as I can." – nikey ernest (Source: Google Review)
  • "Master Woo stresses on making sure the correct birth hour is being used. I have consulted many other masters before and Master Woo is different. He purely applies Zi Wei Dou Shu and does not use superstitions. His explanation is logical, he goes through layer by layer and is very accurate." – Agnieszka Suovka (Source: Google Review)
  • "Ziwei Asia International is excellent institute to learn fly in star ZWDS, because it teaches only 1:1 private lessons and check the student's understanding in every lesson. Even the lesson is finished, the institute continuously cares student, receiving questions and giving detailed answer on each questions. Now I can consult people after learning the class and client amazed for my consultations.^^" – 제이 (Source: Google Review)
  • "Master Woo is very patient and committed in teaching ZWDS, he uses a lot of real life examples on explanation, and it's very logical and accurate. I get to know more about my destiny, and plan on my future. Strongly recommended!" – SE (Source: Google Review)
  • "The consultant is very committed to answering all my destiny questions. Some of the matters he predicted have just already happened recently. "Highly recommended" – Ong Sueling (Source: Google Review)
  • "Very accurate and professional to read my future through my birth to give him. He is the best ziwei master and consultant To give advice for my future life." – Best Eastern (Source: Google Review)
  • "证明了还是飞星紫微能解答了我的迷惑。感恩Master Woo" – JOEY OOI (Source: Google Review)
  • "Wonderful teaching and great consultation!!!! Everybody should try." – Kahuna Park (Source: Google Review)
  • "现在我对我的未来有了新的规划及希望。谢谢Master Woo, "超准”的。" – Danny Ooi (Source: Google Review)
  • "Excellent service. Accurate reading" – Zheng Tan (Source: Google Review)
  • "Scientific analysis our future. It change my life" – lim Chin Ju (Source: Google Review)
  • "I think this course is very unique and different than any other courses. it is very useful and more accurate. i appreciate master's teaching . thank you master!" – Steven (Source: Google Review)
  • "今天下午我与Master Woo通话后了解风水是很深奥的。还好得到Master Woo细心和耐心的讲解让我明白很多。 Master Woo一步一步的讲解和一样一样的解释都很详细,而且还问我明白吗。如不明白,还给例子让我能清楚地明白。 多谢Master Woo的解释与指引👍👍" – KIEN MIN NGUI (Source: Google Review)
Science • Metaphysics • Future
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