• As this is a browser-based Chart (like a cloud-chart), no download, no installation, no update, no more frustration to keep up-to-date with the endless changing of OS/iOS/Android versions. We will run the updates in the background and by the next time you log in - it's all updated and ready!

  • This chart is fully platform independent - meaning it doesn't matter if you use Windows or Mac. All will work just as good as any others.

  • As a browser chart, you can open up as many charts as you wish at any one time by just expanding the browser tabs. This is particularly useful if you are analysing multiple charts simultaneously. You certainly can run a chart reading on a desktop and concurrently, another on a tablet. This is hardly possible with an installed app.

  • The chart has been carefully crafted to fit most of the commonly used screen sizes. And what's more important, since there is no installation - the Premium Chart doesn't even consume your expensive memory on your iPad, smartphone or computer. It's not an app, it's a cloud-chart!

  • By owning a Premium Chart, you can save up to 350 of your frequently used records, and again, without even biting a byte of your device!

  • Your Premium Chart is non-proprietary to any specific device. This means that you can still access your saved records at anywhere and anytime, even if you have your favourite iPad left at home - as long as you have a desktop/device plus an internet access.

  • Your Premium Chart will come with built-in revolving dimensions. You can do your reading for the next year, last year, last decades, next decades ... backwards and forwards between 1901 and 2067, that's a total of 167 revolving years!

  • The Premium Chart also features pre-installed dimensions for monthly and daily events. Imagine that you can empower yourself with an advanced knowledge about what you are going to go through ahead, on monthly or daily basis? These features (especially Day-Self, 流日命) are rarely found on other Zi Wei apps in the market.

  • The latest versions are now pre-installed with the "Birth Hour Test" and "Personality analysis". Birth hour test is important when you are faced with the birth hour uncertainty. Both of these will come to your rescue especially when you are doing a live consultation with a client! Our graduates find these helpful to deal with clients whose birth hours are ambiguous.

  • For leap-month born charts, the latest version features an option that allows you to assess and decide for which birth month is the right one to use. You decide and you make the call. Feel free to check this out on the Trial chart.

  • This Premium Chart is proudly designed and it's also officially used by all of us. This is the official tool that Ziwei Asia and Institute of Ziwei International use it on our consultations/classes/trainings. You and us, all use the same Premium Chart.

  • Please note that the "Personality analysis" will help a layman to start interpreting a chart even with a limited knowledge on ZWDS. For all other features, the more ZWDS knowledge you build it on, the more confident you will become to interpret the art of Zi Wei Dou Shu, a thousand-year-old legacy.

  • The chart has been translated into many different languages: English, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese... and still adding on...

  • Note: We constantly improve the aesthetic and functionality of the chart. Therefore the presented graphics here may vary as they are not reflective of the latest designs.

  • Order process: Order Form --> Payment gateway (depending on your chosen method) --> Chart activation code (Email and Receipt page). To get to Ziwei Asia's Receipt page, you need to click any button on the payment gateway's final page that will bring you back to us, upon completion of your payment.

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