Zi Wei Feng Shui (紫微风水)

Feng Shui is about the harmonization between you, your house orientation and the balance of your house’s surrounding chemistry.

That prompts some questions. How would a giant 40ft lion stone sculpture guarding your door help you in your life? How would a bowl of mixed black and red goldfish change your destiny? How would the action of pasting your secret admirer’s photo behind a mirror make her your wife? These are some of the teachings you commonly hear from Feng Shui masters.

Feng Shui has been given such a bad name by the Feng Shui Masters themselves. They lead you into superstitions and then follow with hard upsell of artifacts, amulets, crystals, figurines, etc. in the name of a cure to ward off your misfortune or evil energies. Or, the masters themselves could have been misguided in the first place. One thing for sure, these off-the-shelf expensive take-aways certainly did not exist when Feng Shui was founded some thousands of years ago.

Another interesting noteworthy point – If Feng Shui is about improving your destiny, why then has your Destiny never been assessed? Why is there a hurry to jump into knocking down your house wall?

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