Child Decade: How this helps in parenting?

Child Decade is the first decade since birth. Everyone has his/her own Child Decade and it is calculated based on the Ziwei formula.

For parents, this decade means a lot for their child’s physiological and psychological developments.

According to behavioural psychologists, a person’s value is established and become firm by the age of 12. It is this value that gradually generates into attitude and belief as he/she grows up. Therefore by performing analyses on a child, it will benefit the parents in paving the right development path during the upbringing process.

In Zi Wei Flying Stars, it can do just that to uncover the life in the child’s early development. It can attempt to answer questions such as the health, psychology, living environment for the child, academic performance, socialization skill, relationship with siblings or even the relationship with the parents. 

Be conversant of it is one thing, understanding how this impacts the child is another.  It is imperative to break down the connections and tackle each of them carefully. 

  • Do the challenges last only in the first decade or permanently?
  • Should the parents encourage the child to live with the challenges, i.e. fight fire with fire?
  • Should the parents continue to enhance the given strength or encourage the development of other weaker trait?
  • How about if the strength actually turns around and bites the child as weakness in the future?
  • With this knowledge, would it help with better parenting?

It is not suggestive that the Zi Wei Flying Stars can propose any cure nor can it be used as a foolproof diagnosis tool. It is always best to seek professional advice such as doctor or child psychologist.

This Chart owner, a grown-up customer today, had her first decade with some challenges as demonstrated in her Child Decade. Some of them, but not limited to, are such as the owner was very emotional as a kid, she struggled quite a bit with her studies, she might also have frequent changes in study location, parents might have not spent enough time or paid enough attention to her, she received great amount of pressure from parents etc. Having said that, she did get along well with her schoolmates.

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