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Ziwei Sihua Flying Stars Online Courses

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By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest


  Institute of Ziwei International

Zi Wei Dou Shu Sihua Flying Stars Online Courses


The Institute of Ziwei International is a leading ziwei school, focusing on the Zi Wei application and Zi Wei practical training skills. Our mission is to pass on this ancient art of destiny decoding to as many people as we can. Today, the digital technology we have allows us to structure effective online Ziwei flying stars courses to pass on this legacy to anyone in the world who wishes to grab this opportunity. Ziwei Asia and the Institute of Ziwei International is a pioneer and one of the earliest in this industry to use internet for consultation and online courses. The Institute of Ziwei International Practitioner Course is a high-quality ziwei course that is tailor-made for you, trusted by ziwei masters and proven to be highly effective. You will be taught by specialist trainers who are experts at teaching international students. Our trainers continue to bring on the latest technology edge in delivering the courses. At Institute of Ziwei International, we believe that learning is a never-ending process, and that great inspiration begins with a question. Let your curiosity lead the way. Our experienced team is committed to creating content you not only turn to, but count on when you want to learn more about destinies. Let us continue to be part of this ancient legacy together.


Jimmy Woo
Course Director

Welcome to the Institute. Knowledge is an asset that nobody can ever snatch away from you. Like the saying goes... "The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you" - B.B. King.

It is extremely uncommon to find Sihua Flying Stars (Northern) courses anywhere in the world.

We pride ourselves for being the leader in delivering this authentic Sihua Flying Stars Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微四化飞星) education on the world stage for almost a decade now.

In this Institute, we have been continuously finding new methods to design for the best delivery of Zi Wei Dou Shu's education. Many of our students who had not heard of this at first, would eventually fall in love with this special one-thousand year old legacy.

We acknowledge that most students who come from different parts of the world, would find linguistic barrier as one of the main challenges to master the art. Zi Wei Dou Shu is mostly and uniquely known only to the Asian world, in spite of its long and rich heritage.

In our lives, we can acquire as much knowledge under the sky as we wish to, but yet there is no better knowledge than the one that allows you to understand yourself, to find out what your life is truly about, your future and how your CONNECTIONS pull your bonds together such as with your family members, friends, colleagues, your lover, your wealth, your status, your ups and your downfalls ... and the list goes on.

If you are new to Ziwei, feel free to roam around our webpages to study more. If you are already having a passion to own this but not sure where to begin, go no further. Find out about our "11 Effective Ziwei Learning Strategies" below. This will show you how we can effectively share this wonderful Ziwei knowledge with you.

Lastly, "Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far", a quote by one of the most successful financial investors, Warren Buffet.

Our courses are also offerred in these languages: English, Chinese Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese and Malay.


11 Effective Ziwei Learning Strategies

We offer you the most honest strategies to accomplish your Ziwei learning goal

  • Strategy 1

    Strategy 1: It Is A Private Course 1x1All our Zi Wei online courses are private and conducted on one-to-one basis. This will benefit you by securing all the maximum attention you possibly can from your trainer. This is especially important to learn a Chinese metaphysics course, where it involves a lot of Chinese influences such as culture or even pronunciation.

  • Strategy 2

    Strategy 2: Study In Your Own Comfort ZoneEveryone would have to agree that a conducive study environment does play an important role in determining your ziwei learning effectiveness. In this Ziwei Practitioner course, you pick the environment and you pick the time. As long as the time meets your trainer's schedule, you will certainly enjoy a good learning experience where you can customize the surrounding and propose the course time to your own preference.

  • Strategy 3

    Strategy 3: ConfidentialityWe practise and observe the highest standard of privacy and confidentiality. Everything you and your trainer discuss in the class will not be shared outside the class. What happens in the class stays in the class. This is the reason why we have received many ziwei enthusiasts or students who are executives of big corporations or even PhD professionals from all over the world. They chose us because of their confidences in our Institute.

  • Strategy 4

    Strategy 4: All Our Graduates are Certified Practitioners To maintain the consistency and the gold standard for all our ziwei graduates, you will have to pass a Ziwei Sihua Flying Stars exam at the end of the Lesson 10. Again, this is the first in the ziwei world. We understand that nobody likes to sit for exam. However, by setting a bar you and your trainer will work with a common goal to break the hurdle together. You will eventually earn the skill recognition in Ziwei Sihua Flying Stars and be proud of yourself as a ziwei graduate of the Institute.

  • Strategy 5

    Strategy 5: Access To Your TrainerThis is a special privilege we committed to you. You will always have access to your Ziwei trainer as and when you face with any Ziwei question, even after you graduated. We all reckon that ziwei learning is a lifelong process, therefore we will always be passionate to guide you all the way as long as we can to support you.

    During your study with us, you are always encouraged to prepare and ask your trainer as many questions as possible during the classes.

    After you graduated, when you are faced with a destiny question that is special, unique, unconventional, challenging or gravity-defying, by all means bring it to your trainer to get your question duly answered.

  • Strategy 6

    Strategy 6: Your Trainer Is Highly QualifiedAll of our trainers are either currently or formerly professionals or executives in their work capacities. They are all academically qualified and they were once our Institute's proud students. Does this matter? Yes, it kind of does. You need a ziwei trainer who has enough exposures in social and work life to discuss human's destiny with you. Without which, your maximum learning will only be limited to the boundary of what your trainer knows in his own real life.

  • Strategy 7

    Strategy 7: We Focus On Zi Wei ApplicationsIn our ziwei teachings, we emphasize on your competence to decode ziwei charts and not on memorizing ziwei theories. Therefore, you will spend half of the course polishing your reading, analysis and interpretation skills in a huge variety of different ziwei charts. We will guide you step-by-step to get the correct way of attacking different ziwei charts.

  • Strategy 8

    Strategy 8: Ziwei Application TrainingsWe have established a ziwei practical database that allows you to run your ziwei trainings at any one time while you are still studying with us. This is the first in the world. In the database consists of cases of real people and not celebrity whose birth date or time is obtained through rumours. Again, if you commit to training, we will commit to empower you with endless ziwei application skills.

  • Strategy 9

    Strategy 9: Our Zi Wei Dou Shu Practitioner Course Is ShortOur Ziwei course consists of only 10 classes with 2 hours each.

    With the vast experience in this Ziwei education industry, we understand the best way to design a ziwei syllabus where it can impart you with all the important Ziwei Flying Stars skills required, to decode ziwei charts. At the same time, we eliminate all other nice-to-have theories or irrelevant focuses (e.g. How to plot a Ziwei chart) from wasting your energy which can be unproductive and demotivating to you.

    Furthermore, this is a Zi Wei course of Sihua Flying Stars, the authentic version of Zi Wei Dou Shu in ancient China. The primary focus of this version is about Sihua decoding and interpretation, rather than juggling with over a hundred stars about their presences, locations, strengths or their interactions with each other.

    Therefore Zi Wei Sihua Flying Stars is simpler, a lot easier to learn, less brain squeezing and focuses on application. And most importantly, this version is effective.

  • Strategy 10

    Strategy 10: We Prove It On Your Chart Your trainer will use your own Ziwei chart as a primary teaching material in addition to many other ziwei charts in the classes. As a result you will get the first-hand Zi Wei Dou Shu application experiences. This is practically beneficial: Firstly, this is where you will see how the Ziwei techniques play out in your own real life; Secondly, to prove our Zi Wei teaching is certainly relevant-we walk the talk and we prove it on your ziwei chart.

    At the same time many other ziwei schools outside would choose to avoid this and they will use celebrities' charts as a ziwei teaching guide instead. You would be able to guess the reason, wouldn't you?

  • Strategy 11

    Strategy 11: Our Price Is One Of The Cheapest In The Ziwei WorldThat's right. We do not do big advertising, we do not package our ziwei teaching material with glossy artwork, we do not spend overhead on auditorium, neither do we even spend on transportation to go teach you. If you like, this is a no-frills model where you pay solely for the ziwei education + course PDFs + our passion, plus you will get a free Ziwei Sihua Flying Stars Chart access too. This is why our Ziwei Sihua Flying Stars 1x1 private course price is way cheaper even compared with most of the classroom-based ziwei teaching outside.

    Our Zi Wei Sihua Flying Stars Practitioner course focuses on:
    - Star Chemistry (All about the 18 Ziwei stars)
    - Sihua Connections (The core of our Zi Wei Sihua Flying Stars: Lu, Quan, Ke, Ji and Clash)
    - Cell Architecture (All about cells and their transformations)
    - Revolving Dimensions (Life, Decade, Year and so on)
    - Correct step-by-step approaches in decoding charts to get accurate reading
    - Practicals, practicals, practicals ... and more practicals
    - etc

    These cover everything you need to decode charts as a Practitioner. Our course is designed for whom may one day be interested to practise as a ziwei practitioner upon graduation. This is why this ziwei course carries the title of "Practitioner".

    Upon your graduation, you will also be awarded with a masterpiece Practitioner certificate, specially produced by a design house.

    Private Lesson 1x1 Course Fee : USD 1826 nett.
    (10 lessons x 2 hours each)

    You can place your order at the "Order Now" button below.

Zi Wei Lesson Videos

We Are Always Truly Inspired By Our Institute's Members ... ...

KP Lee, Master Practitioner Student (Malaysia)

"Holistic appreciation and grasp on the subject. The ancient Chinese concept of Ming and Yun are not terms that could be easily understood without a strong understanding on subjects like philosophy, sociology...etc. The founder of ZAI has such vast knowledge enabling the full adaptation of the ancient art into today's society."

[Source: Google Review]

Dr. Park, Master Practitioner Student (United States)

"Wonderful teaching and great consultation!!!! Everybody should try."

[Source: Google Review]

제이, Master Practitioner Student (Korea)

"Ziwei Asia International is excellent institute to learn fly in star ZWDS, because it teaches only 1:1 private lessons and check the student's understanding in every lesson. Even the lesson is finished, the institute continuously cares student, receiving questions and giving detailed answer on each questions. Now I can consult people after learning the class and client amazed for my consultations.^^"

[Source: Google Review]

CL, Practitioner Student (Malaysia)

"Master is willing to spend his precious time to answer my enormous questions"

[Source: Email]

SE, Practitioner Student (Malaysia)

"Master Woo is very patient and committed in teaching ZWDS, he uses a lot of real life examples on explanation, and it's very logical and accurate. I get to know more about my destiny, and plan on my future. Strongly recommended!."

[Source: Google Review]

Toni, Practitioner Student (Thailand)

"Master Woo is dedicated in his teaching to ensure the students be able to become future master."

[Source: Email]

Steven, Practitioner Student (Singapore)

"I think this course is very unique and different than any other courses. it is very useful and more accurate. i appreciate master's teaching . thank you master!"

[Source: Google Review]

Master J, Master Practitioner Graduate (Korea)

"자미 아시아의 비성사화를 배우기 전에 남파자미두수 (Sanhe)와 명리를 공부를 했었다. 남파자미두수와 명리는 외울게 너무 많고, 해석도 모호해서 명반 해석하기가 어려웠다. 하지만 우연한 기회에 자미 아시아를 알게 되었고, 공부를 시작하게 되었다. 자미 아시아의 비성사화(flying star)는 1:1 개인 강습만으로 이루어지에 수강생 수준에 맞게 체계적인 강의가 이루어진다. Master Woo는 단순히 강의를 전달하는게 아니라 매 시간 수강생의 이해도를 확인하고, 모르면 알때 까지 지속적인 이해를 시켜, 수강생이 이해를 못하면 진도를 나가지 않는다. 그리고 수강생이 이해 못하는 내용는 일일이 메일로 친철히 답변을 해 주어 명확하고 자세히 비성사화를 배울 수 있다. 한국에서는 아직 비성사화가 그리 알려지지 않았지만, 자신의 운명을 알고자 하는 사람은 자미 아시아의 1:1 강의를 수강하면 명료하게 비성사화의 숨겨진 진실을 알 수 있다. 자미 아시아의 강의는 불행히도 한국어로는 진행되지 않는다"

[Source: Email]

Eva, Master Practitioner Graduate (Malaysia)

"I gain a lifetime of benefits thru ZWDS learning in Ziwei Asia International; not only I learned how to decode the destiny chart correctly, learning ZWDS also helps me better understand of my CONNECTION between the people surrounded me and the events happened on me. The founder Master Woo possess an extensive knowledge of ZWDS; all his explanations are logical and do not use superstitions. Appreciate your teaching, Master Woo."

[Source: Google Review]

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The price of Ziwei Practitioner course is mentioned in the Strategy 11.


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