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By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest


  Institute of Ziwei International

Zi Wei Dou Shu Sihua Flying Stars Online Courses


The Institute of Ziwei International is a leading ziwei school, focusing on the application and practical training skills. Our mission is to pass on this ancient art of destiny decoding to as many people as we can. Today, the digital technology we have allows us to structure an effective online course to pass on this legacy to anyone in the world who wishes to grab this opportunity. Ziwei Asia and the Institute of Ziwei International is a pioneer and one of the earliest in this industry to use internet for consultation and courses. The Institute of Ziwei International Practitioner Course is a high-quality ziwei course that is tailor-made for you, trusted by ziwei masters and proven to be highly effective. You will be taught by specialist trainers who are experts at teaching international students. Our trainers continue to bring on the latest technology edge in delivering the courses. At Institute of Ziwei International, we believe that learning is a never-ending process, and that great inspiration begins with a question. Let your curiosity lead the way. Our experienced team is committed to creating content you not only turn to, but count on when you want to learn more about destinies. Let us continue to be part of this ancient legacy together…


Customer's Positive Review 2

"Ziwei Asia International is excellent institute to learn fly in star ZWDS, because it teaches only 1:1 private lessons and check the student's understanding in every lesson. Even the lesson is finished, the institute continuously cares student, receiving questions and giving detailed answer on each questions. Now I can consult people after learning the class and client amazed for my consultations.^^"

제이, Master Practitioner student (Source: Google Review)

Customer's Positive Review 2

"Master is willing to spend his precious time to answer my enormous questions"

CL, Practitioner Student (Malaysia)

Customer's Positive Review 3

"I think this course is very unique and different than any other courses. it is very useful and more accurate. i appreciate master's teaching . thank you master!"

Steven, Practitioner Student (Source: Google Review)

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The Course Director of Institute of Ziwei International

Jimmy Woo
Course Director

Welcome to the Institute. Knowledge is an asset that nobody can ever snatch away from you. Like the saying goes... "The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you" - B.B. King.

In this Institute, we have been continuously finding new methods to design for the best delivery of Zi Wei Dou Shu's education. Many of our students who had not heard of this at first, would eventually fall in love with this special one-thousand year old legacy.

We acknowledge that most students who come from different parts of the world, would find linguistic barrier as one of the main challenges to master the art. Zi Wei Dou Shu is mostly and uniquely known only to the Asian world, in spite of its long and rich heritage.

In our lives, we can acquire as much knowledge under the sky as we wish to, but yet there is no better knowledge than the one that allows you to understand yourself, to find out what your life is truly about, your future and how your CONNECTIONS pull your bonds together such as with your family members, friends, colleagues, your lover, your wealth, your status, your ups and your downfalls ... and the list goes on.

If you are new to Ziwei, feel free to roam around our webpages to study more. If you are already having a passion to own this but not sure where to begin, go no further. Find out about our "11 Effective Ziwei Learning Strategies" below. This will show you how we can effectively share this wonderful Ziwei knowledge with you.

Lastly, "Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far", a quote by one of the most successful financial investors, Warren Buffet.

Our courses are also offerred in these languages: English, Chinese Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese and Malay.

Customer's Positive Review 4

"Holistic appreciation and grasp on the subject. The ancient Chinese concept of Ming and Yun are not terms that could be easily understood without a strong understanding on subjects like philosophy, sociology...etc. The founder of ZAI has such vast knowledge enabling the full adaptation of the ancient art into today's society."

KP Lee, Master Practitioner Student (Source: Google Review)

Customer's Positive Review 5

"Master Woo is very patient and committed in teaching ZWDS, he uses a lot of real life examples on explanation, and it's very logical and accurate. I get to know more about my destiny, and plan on my future. Strongly recommended!."

SE, Practitioner Student (Source: Google Review)

Best methods to learn ZWDS

11 Effective Ziwei Learning Strategies

We offer you the most honest strategies to accomplish your Ziwei learning goal

Zi Wei Lesson Videos

Ziwei learning class video 1
Ziwei learning class video 2

Customer's Positive Review 6

"Master Woo is dedicated in his teaching to ensure the students be able to become future master."

Kay (Practitioner Student)

Customer's Positive Review 7

"Wonderful teaching and great consultation!!!! Everybody should try."

Kahuna Park, Master Practitioner Student (Source: Google Review)

Payment Instruction For Ziwei Practitioner 1x1 Online Course

Once your payment is approved, you will be sent a calendar link to book your lesson appointments with us. This link is sent in an auto-generated email as soon your payment is approved.

The price of Ziwei Practitioner course is mentioned in the Strategy 11.


For any enquiry, please use the Enquiry Form at the footer. Our manager will respond to you at the earliest available opportunity.

About Your Online Ziwei Course Order

  • Language options available: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Bahasa.
  • Ordering process: Purchase --> Order Form --> Payment process (Payment gateway e.g. iPay88, Mobile88, Paypal etc depending on your location) --> Email --> Appointment Calendar. You will be sent an email that contains a calendar link where you will book your appointment with us. This email is auto-generated and is sent as soon as your order is completed. Please check your inbox immediately once your payment is successful. Depending on your Spam/Junk box setting, our email may unexpectedly end up in there especially if you have not communicated with us before.
  • The dates and times on the appointment calendar will automatically be converted to your timezone. This means, all the slots you see on the calendar will be your own dates and your own times. To ensure the correct conversion, please be careful to select the correct timezone of yours during the appointment registration. Our Consultants' schedule can fit most of the timezone requirements in every part of the world.
  • We strictly respect your privacy and we strictly respect your right to confidentiality. We will never disclose anything discussed during the consultations/classes/communications between you and us. We do not share any of your personal information collected for profit or otherwise.
  • For all transactions, we DO NOT request, process or store your card details or payment information at all. They are all performed by the respective payment gateway of your choice
  • For Debit/Cards payment, you will automatically be redirected to the PayPal's portal which according to them, they use state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect your information. PayPal accepts all major credit/debit cards and other online money sending method.
  • We use Comodo SSL 256-bit encryption technology to protect your sensitive information from being compromised during the data transfer. Despite we do not request your payment information, but this will add in more data protection and give you a piece of mind to do a secured transaction with Ziwei Asia.
  • It is a condition of purchasing this service that: For any refund request it must be made either (i) prior to the confirmation/approval/acceptance of your appointment by us, or (ii) within one day after your order is made, whichever occurs first. After which, if you wish to change the appointment time after your booking, you are free to do so to reschedule your appointment using the calendar link provided to you. For other arrangements, please feel free to write to us.
  • Your Ziwei 1x1 Practitioner course will be delivered via an online Skype chat. Click on the Skype icon at the Footer below to connect with us directly. Our online chat username will also be sent to you in email. Skype is our preferred chat method. Recording is encouraged, it all depends on the individual's preference. Webcam is not needed for the Skype call, this is also to protect and respect your privacy.
  • For other alternative payment method, please contact us using the Enquiry form at the Footer below.
  • Ziwei Asia or Institute of Ziwei International does not consult or teach on physical or mental health matter. Please seek other appropriate professional medical trainers instead.

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