When is my next job promotion?

Dec 242016

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Ever wondered why you missed the last job promotion? Why didn't the promotion happen when your boss promised you one? Why did others get it when you did just as much if not better? Was the "company budget constraint" a legitimate reason, again?

This is rather frustrating. After all, the only comforting reward for all hard work we sacrificed for the job is RECOGNITION. Of course, the motivation for the reward varies individually. Some prefer monetary reward. Some prefer better job environment. Some prefer better exposure. Some prefer authority. Some prefer just rank adjustment even with no commensurate salary increment.

Fortunately, with the help of Zi Wei Flying Stars (紫微四化飞星), this future mystery can be explored easily.

In a Zi Wei Chart, there are five cells we are particularly interested in to find job recognition, i.e. Career, Siblings, Friends, Parents and Health. You may go here to explore how your Chart looks like: Plot your Zi Wei Chart.

For a beginner, the most encouraging and simplest technique to get a help from is Local Sihua. Listed below are the Local Sihua tools we will put in our work cart for today:

  • 自化祿 Self Hua Lu (自化祿)
  • 自化权 Self Hua Quan (自化权)
  • 生年化祿 Inherited Hua Lu (生年化祿) 
  • 生年化权 Inherited Hua Quan (生年化权)

(Refer: Ziwei Chart Interpretation for more explanation). 

A static cell per se in a Ziwei Chart is basically dormant. They do not usually warrant much attention. In fact, majority of cells in any Chart are dormant. On the other hand, an awakened cell is a cell that has its underlying interpretation activated. It is awakened when a Local Sihua steps in to activate it.

If your Chart has any of the above five cells (Siblings, Friends, Parents, Health or Career) activated with any one of the above Local Sihua, then it will not be too challenging to find out which year your career will shine.


Below are some of the possible scenarios:

1. D-Parents overstacks with Career and Y-Self (Client 1)

2. D-Career overstacks with Parents and Y-Self (Client 2)

3. D-Friends overstacks with Career and Y-Self

4. D-Career overstacks with Friends and Y-Self

5. D-Parents overstacks with Career and Y-Self

6. D-Career overstacks with Parents and Y-Self

Client 1

Zi Wei Job Promotion

(Possible year of happening: 2014) 


Client 2

Zi Wei Career Promotion

(Possible year of happening: 2019) 


It is also noteworthy that not all recognition comes with a promotion. Like aforementioned, a recognition can be rewarded differently. It is also not fair to stereotype that everyone is happy with a promotion. Everyone aspires differently. Even the same individual may have different ambition at different time or different priority in different circumstances.

What if your Chart does not come with a Local Sihua sitting on those cells? Does that mean your career will perpetually not sparkle?

Absolutely not. Remember? It was only the Local Sihua technique that we picked up along the shelf alley earlier. In other words, there are many other techniques that can also do you justice for your deserving job recognition. These will be explored further in future ziwei blogs. To comfort you, like any other Sihua techniques, the above decoding method does come with a caveat. It is always incorrect to interpret a Chart by just depending on one single technique alone. Sometimes, a Sihua Fly can reverse a shine that a Local Sihua already glows upon.

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