What can Zi Wei Dou Shu really tell you?

Jun 282018

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Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) has been playing the role as a destiny navigator for over a thousand year.

The question is what can Zi Wei Dou Shu really tell us?

Not only is this question is important to anyone who frequently consults this destiny compass but also to practitioners who provide destiny advices to have the correct perspective embraced about what ZWDS can do and what it cannot.

As part of the Chinese metaphysics in Five Arts (Refer: Chinese Five Arts and Zi Wei Dou Shu), we certainly have heard enough about how ZWDS is capable of providing insights on someone’s wealth status, career progression, health matter*, romance encounters and a lot more. Interestingly, this actually raises more questions than to answers to on what ZWDS can really do as a reliable future “prediction” tool.

Most of the people, including the vast majority of destiny enthusiasts would choose to think destiny is all about “luck”. Say, if someone lives in a high-flyer society, he has a good wealth luck; if someone who keeps progressing rapidly in his career ladder, it is his strong career luck that helps propelling him upwards; If someone experiences some marriage challenges this year, his marriage luck is going through some lows for the year.

It is this dogma that leads us to another notion where luck is commonly believed to be perpetually changing - sometimes good and sometimes bad or also even further, where a good practitioner is regarded as such if he can interfere with your luck by introducing some magical remedies to improve it.

In contrast, what this mystifying ZWDS does is actually to give us insights into one simple thing about our lives i.e CONNECTION (缘).


Zi Wei Dou Shu connections


Over the years of teaching ZWDS, I have shared countless destiny events concerning how connections can pull events together and of course how on the other hand, a weak connection can easily break a togetherness apart.

To explain this further, say metaphorically if a new millionaire who suddenly peaks up in his wealth at some point in life, this is simply the start of a new chapter where his connections begin to pull together a new lifestyle where he would upgrade himself into. This means his connections would network him with new wealthier neighbours, new fellow members in a prestigious social club, new found chef friends or waitresses in his new dinning places, new fellow hobbyists in a new collector club, new service technicians for his new bigger cars and the list goes on. From a public eye, this will become a reflection of new lifestyle with the new wealth status that earns him in that place.

Speaking of changing a new work environment, the job switch will mean his connection would pull him together with his new colleagues, new superiors, new direct reports, new team members, new business partners etc. Of course at the same time, the old connection with the former work setup would have to cease to continue or gradually become less active.

What about an admission to hospital for a traffic accident? Likewise in any other life events, this necessitates an examination into complex and different levels of connection. It all depends on the severity and the number of stakeholders that get involved in the process. If it is a simple collision between two cars with no bodily injury, then the connection will probably see two drivers being pulled together and hopefully just a compensation and a simple handshake to settle the connection right there and then. If say the situation escalates further, where one driver takes anger into his own hand and swings some punches, the connection will probably be expanded to connect policemen, court officials etc. Conversely, if the accident results in someone being hospitalised, then the doctors and nurses will also be introduced into this tragic connection.

All these connections are already explained and answered in your Zi Wei chart since the day you were born (Plot your chart here).

Why not try to examine your own connections and understand how you interact with the people around you. What about your connections that happened in the past? What about your past events that occurred or did not occur in the absence of certain connections, such as your interview failure; your previous relationship’s breakup; your unsuccessful biddings in business; being sidelined in your promotion; your declined application etc.





* Warning: Health matters (both psychological and physiological) are best consulted with the medical professionals. ZWDS reading is too superficial to tell you anything about health matters and must not be used.



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