Should we adjust our birth hour for Ziwei Chart plotting?

Feb 182015

👤  Author: Woo

This is a very common question among enthusiasts in Chinese metaphysics.

The plotting of a Zi Wei Chart, as most people know, requires a very high degree of accuracy. Any incorrectness in birth information used such as the date of birth, gender or time of birth will result in a completely different Chart that may not even be yours. As a result, the whole destiny you are now looking at may be a destiny of someone else's.

Si Hua vs San He

Mar 172014

👤  Author: Woo

Zi Wei Dou Shu San He vs Si Hua


There are some distinctive differences between these two schools. Commonly known as Sihua Flying Stars (四化飞星) or Northern School, it was founded much earlier in the ancient Chinese history. Sihua Flying Stars places significant emphasis on the interconnection between Cells (palaces) to infer a matter. San He (Southern School 三合) on the other hand focuses on the stars characteristic as well as the star combinations.

Chinese Five Arts and Zi Wei Dou Shu

Feb 172013

👤  Author: Woo

In Chinese Metaphysics, they are broadly classified under five major families. It's also known as Five Arts (中国五术).

Chinese Five Arts (中国五术)

 Mountain (山)

Practitioners largely engage themselves with mental, spiritual and physical developments. In ancient time, these pracititioners isolated themselves and practised in mountainous areas where they were completely cut-off from socialization. This is how the name "Mountain" derived to describe their reclusiveness.

  • Cultivation (修养)
  • Religion (宗教)
  • Martial Arts (拳法)
  • Meditation (静坐)
  • Seclusion (闭关)

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